Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Lottery? 

  “lottery” means a scheme, in whatever form and by whatever name called, for distribution of prizes by lot or chance to those persons participating in the chances of a prize by purchasing tickets;

2. What is paper Lottery?

  A paper lottery conducted in accordance with the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998 other than on line Lottery

3.What is online Lottery?

  Online lottery means a system created to permit players to purchase lottery tickets generated by the computer or online machine at the lottery terminal where the information about the sale of a ticket and the players’ choice of any number or combination of numbers is simultaneously registered with computer server.

4. Is online lottery permitted in the State of Kerala.

No. As per G.O.(P) No. 4/2005/TD dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 13th January, 2005, conduct of online Lottery was banned in Kerala.

5. Is it permissible to trade Kerala Lottery through internet or any other means

  NO.No agent shall conduct the sale of tickets through internet or by another means with out prior permission of the Director and only sale of physical ticket is permitted.

6.Can Kerala Lottery be purchased online?

  As per rule only physical tickets are permitted to sale.

7. Is the sale using website and portal permitted?

  No. No agent shall sell lotteries through internet or through social media.

8. Can Kerala Lottery be sold outside of the state?

  No. No agent shall sell the tickets of the Kerala State Lotteries outside of the state directly or indirectly.

9. Can Kerala Lottery be sold above face value?

  No.  No ticket shall under any circumstance be sold above face value.

10. Can Kerala Lottery be clubbed with one’s own scheme, product or goods for the promotion of their scheme, goods and product?


11. Is the conduct of 2-digit,3 digit and 4-digit Lotteries based on Kerala Lottery Draw result is permissible in Kerala?

  NO.If any person acts as agent or promotor or trader in any lottery organised ,conducted or promoted in contravention of the provision of the Central Lotteries (regulation) Act 1998 or sells ,distributes, or purchase  the ticket of such lottery ,he shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine or both.

12.Who is the authority specifically appointed by the Government for the regulation of Lottery Sales in Kerala?

  Secretary to Government, Taxes Department.

13.Is it mandatory for the agent to affix seal on the reverse of ticket.

   Yes. Every agent shall affix his seal on the reverse of each ticket with details of name and  agency number.

14.Is it mandatory for agents furnish on demand the all the particulars of sub agents, retailers and sellers under him to the Director or the District Lottery Officer